Gilbertson Wins A-Mod Feature on Autumn Clash Night

Unity—Fog and the threat of rain could not bog down the 3rd annual Autumn Clash at Spring Lake Speedway as cars packed the pits, spilling over into the parking lot, while fans filled the stands for a long and exciting night of racing on Friday.

Matt Gilbertson, Michael Truscott, Tommy Richards, Jay Kesan, George Richards and George Seliger took home a Kim Parsons Memorial Trophy for winning their respective feature events.

Truscott started the evening by winning the B-Mod feature pole position and then went on to dominate the event and take the victory. The 24-car feature saw Jason Vandekamp work his way through the field from the tenth position to finish third.

The top five finishers for the B-Mods were: Truscott, Tony Bahr, Vandekamp, Chad Selk and Gary Baxter.

Tommy Richards took the pole and the feature win as the Super Stocks combined with the Grand Nationals to form an 11-car field. Nick Oreskovich and William Johnson navigated their cars from mid-pack to the front of the field as fog began to fill the racetrack.

The top five finishers for the Super Stocks were: Tommy Richards, Oreskovich, Johnson, Dave Flynn and DJ Keeler.

Jay Kesan held on to the pole position to claim victory in a caution and fog plagued Street Stock feature. The 12K of Kesan held off early charges by the 3R of Danny Richards. Richards was later tasked with the challenge of fending off the 16K of Karl Genett and won the close battle with Genett to hold on to the second position.

The top five finishers for the Street Stocks were: Jay Kesan, Danny Richards, Jeff Nowak, Genett and Mitchell Kesan.

The fog cleared just as the A-Mod’s made their way on to the track, but a large pile up ensued as the green flag waved to start the feature. Feature winner Gilbertson survived the early disaster and began his push for the lead. Pole sitter Truscott held an early lead as track owner Scott Duval and David Baxter battled for the second position. After a caution midway through the feature, Gilbertson closed on the top three and eased past Duval, Baxter and Truscott to take the lead and hold on for the win.

The top five finishers for the A-Mods were: Gilbertson, Baxter, Truscott, Jared Loos and Keith Foss.

George Richards reigned victorious for the Pure Stock feature as nearly half of the field did not finish the race due to multiple race incidents. Leslie Leu took the lead from pole sitter Tucker Quinn, but could not overcome cautions that bunched up the field on restarts. This led to Richards capturing the lead from Leu and taking the victory.

The top five finishers for the Pure Stocks were: George Richards, Leu, Randy Luedtke, Dean Pronschinske and Dustin Heier.

Seliger finished the night off with a feature victory in the Hornet series. The SLS regular season champion, Kasey Gross, struggled to stay in the top three with Seliger holding a strong lead and Chad Prissel taking away the second position. Gross fluctuated positions throughout the top five as Jason Junker challenged him early and often. Gross took back the third position towards the end of the feature and finished in that position.

The top five finishers for the Hornets were: Seliger, Prissel, Gross, Junker and Derek Krumrie.

Racing will resume at Spring Lake Speedway in the Spring of 2018. For the latest track news and details, visit and like Spring Lake Speedway and Events on Facebook.




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