Barkholtz wins second in a row,while four other win first of the year

Shawano,WI,5/13/17—Jordan Barkholtz made it back to back weeks in victory lane with a win in the IMCA Sport Mod feature. While Nick Anvelink (Late Model) made a late race pass for the win, Matt Oreskovich’s first win this year (IMCA Modified) was oh so sweet after struggling the first two nights, Dan Michonski (IMCA Stock Car), and Brian Johnson (Mighty Four) each scored their first features of the year at the Shawano Speedway. For Johnson in fact it was his first win ever at Shawano.
Troy Springborn and Joe Reuter tussled for the lead on lap one of the Late Model feature with Springborn prevailing. Last week’s winner, Ron Berna, quickly raced past Reuter for second on the track. Springborn masterfully worked the high line of the race track and began to pull away a bit from the field. As Springborn continued to lead, Brett Swedberg began to move through the field and reached second on the track by lap seven. Berna continued to run third, with Nick Anvelink now fourth on the track. A caution following lap ten slowed the pace and bunched the field back up. Springborn again though went to the high side of the track and began to pull away. Brett Swedberg’s car slowed and coasted to the pits. Anvelink moved his way to second and looked to reel in Springborn. Anvelink was able to catch Springborn and get to his inside on lap twenty, but Springborn held him off. The following lap though Anvelink would not be denied and completed the pass for the lead. Anvelink, Springborn, Berna, Jared Siefert, and Tom Naeyaert made up the top five.
Matt Oreskovich had struggled mightily through the first two weeks of the seasons, but he got things turned around in week three in the IMCA Modified feature. Oreskovich led every lap of the feature en route to victory lane. JJ Anderson crossed the line in second but was disqualified following the race after being ten pounds light on the scale. This moved Jason Czarapata to second. Czarapata started the race in 17th. Joel Seegert, Jerry Wilinski, and Shawn Frelich rounded out the top five.
Sean Thayer led the opening lap of the IMCA Stock Car feature before giving way to Justin Jacobsen. As Jacobsen led, Dan Michonski moved to second on lap three. Michonski continued to stalk Jacobsen for the lead until he was finally able to get to the outside of Jacobsen to take the lead on lap nine. Jacobsen continued to follow right on the rear bumper of Michonski. Michonski held on for the remainder of the race to score the win. Jacobsen, Travis VanStraten, Trent Nolan, and Brandon Czarapata completed the top five.
After starting outside row one, Bryce Clements grabbed the lead at the start of the IMCA Sport Mod feature. Halfway through the race it was Clements still in control, but shortly thereafter Keven Bethke wrestled the lead from Clements. As Bethke led, Jordan Barkholtz began to apply pressure. On lap fifteen Barkholtz took the lead in the race. Over the final five laps Barkholtz was able to hold on for the win as Kyle Raddant worked past Bethke for second. Bethke held on for third, Jordan Bartz and Bryce Clements took fourth and fifth.
Last week’s winner Grant Kastning took the lead to open the Mighty Four feature. As Kastning led, eleventh place starting Brian Johnson worked through the field and into second. Johnson took the lead from Kastning on lap ten and would lead the rest of the way for the win. Kastning finished second, Calvin Stueck third after starting 16th, Mike Brehmer was fourth, Lucas Hacker took fifth.
Dave Stoffer and Tony Everard were victorious in Spectator Eliminator action.
Racing will continue next week Saturday with a 6:30 start time. It will be the tribute to go karters night as local racers from the HiGo Raceway and the GSR Kartway will have their machines on display. More information can be found online at
Race Summary:
Late Model Feature: 1. 15A-Nick Anvelink[7]; 2. 81S-Troy Springborn[2]; 3. 66-Ron Berna[4]; 4. 25S-Jared Siefert[3]; 5. 98N-Tom Naeyaert[5]; 6. 20RJoe Reuter[1]; 7. 122S-Cole Spacek[11]; 8. 1B-Doug Blashe[9]; 9. 27J-Derek Janke[13]; 10. R0SE-Mark Rose[8].
Heat 1: 1. Springborn[2]; 2. 3S-Brett Swedberg[7]; 3. Reuter[1].
Heat 2: 1. Naeyaert[1]; 2. Anvelink[2]; 3. Siefert[3].

IMCA Modified Feature: 1. 75-Matt Oreskovich[1]; 2. 56C-Jason Czarapata[17]; 3. 4S-Joel Seegert[4]; 4. 9-Jerry Wilinski[5]; 5. 88X-Shawn Frelich[3]; 6. 757-Tony Wedelstadt[12]; 7. 21F-Kevin Feck[7]; 8. 18W-Mark Weisnicht[14]; 9. 79M-Jerry Muenster[6]; 10. 5X-Joey Taycher[13].
Heat 1: 1. Frelich[3]; 2. 94-J.J Andersen, [9]; 3. 79M-Jerry Muenster[7].
Heat 2: 1. Oreskovich[1]; 2. Wilinski[6]; 3. 5M-Eddie Muenster[9].

IMCA Stock Car Feature: 1. 1M-Dan Michonski[8]; 2. 1330-Justin Jacobsen[4]; 3. 2T-Travis VanStraten[12]; 4. 25X-Trent Nolan[10]; 5. 33C-Brandon Czarapata[11]; 6. 07-Mike Schmidt[9]; 7. 10TR-Tom Riehl[5]; 8. 17S-Harley Simon[3]; 9. 10T-Sean Thayer[1]; 10. 35S-Vern Stedjee[6].
Heat 1: 1. Michonski[7]; 2. Czarapata[8]; 3. Riehl[6].
Heat 2: 1. Jacobsen[5]; 2. VanStraten[8]; 3. Stedjee[6].
Heat 3: 1. Simon[3]; 2. 03R-Brad Rohloff[5]; 3. Nolan[6].

IMCA Sport Mod Feature: 1. 91X-Jordan Barkholtz[9]; 2. 03R-Kyle Raddant[6]; 3. 09B-Kevin Bethke[11]; 4. 12B-Jordan Bartz[7]; 5. 02C-Bryce Clements[2]; 6. 98R-Jordan Reinke[4]; 7. 7X-Jason Jach[8]; 8. 66C-Colten Van Hierden[22]; 9. 5S-Brock Saunders[19]; 10. 72E-Jason Ebert[5].
Heat 1: 1. Barkholtz[6]; 2. OK-Brandon Kaye[2]; 3. Reinke[4].
Heat 2: 1. 46F-Logan Fleischman[2]; 2. 95S-Sawyer Haese[5]; 3. Bartz[4].
Heat 3: 1. Raddant[3]; 2. Clements[1]; 3. Jach[4].

Mighty Four Feature: 1. 77J-Brian Johnson[11]; 2. 18K-Grant Kastning[3]; 3. 5S-Calvin Stueck[16]; 4. 43B-Michael Brehmer[8]; 5. 17H-Lucas Hacker[5]; 6. 9G-Kasey Gross[9]; 7. 26W-Travis Welch[1]; 8. 29W-Tanner Westphal[12]; 9. 17J-Jason Hopinka[18]; 10. 18E-Nick Everard[15].
B Feature: 1. Stueck[9]; 2. 115-DJ Jorgenson[8]; 3. Hopinka[5]; 4. 12H-Tony Hokenstad[1]; 5. 88B-Kevin Bice[6].

Heat 1: 1. Welch[2]; 2. Gross[7]; 3. Hacker[5].
Heat 2: 1. Johnson[8]; 2. 21K-Dallas Kralovetz[7]; 3. 131N-Dalton Nelson[4].
Heat 3. 1. Brehmer[6]; 2. 21W-Brandon Westphal[2]; 3. Kastning[3].

Photo by A and H Photos



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